Toddlers diarrhoea

It also termed as chronic nonspecific diarrhoea (CNSD) .

Usually affect preschool children. That’s why it is called toddlers diarrhoea.
Onset – usually 1 to 3 year of age . But it can start from infancy untill age 5 years .

There is change in consistency and frequency of stool . It occurs when child remains awake during day time . The rate of purgation 4 -10 /day. Typically begins with large formed or
semi formed stool after awakening . As the day passes stool becomes more watery and less in volume .

Usually at this age children have a great affection for fruit juice and cold
beverage. Which worsen the condition. Immature gut cannot absorb fructose easily ( sugar in fruits ) . If too much of this are taken it can irritate the gut .

Generally parents have only complain about diarrhoea ( with visible food remnants) no failure to thrive , no loss of appetite , normal activities only mild abdominal discomforts .

Fat , Fluid , Fiber rich diet can help to improve diarrhoea.

Alawys try to rule out organic causes as far as possible.

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