Cradle Cap

Greasy , yellow scale without hair loss.

This  condition got its name because the most common place for the scaly patches to show up is on the head, where a baby would wear a cap.

Pink erythematous patches in neck and axillary region .

Most often developed by approximately two to three months of age tends to resolve by twelve month of age .

There is no exact cause for eruption however some hypothesis is there :-

The secondary influence of maternal circulating hormones resulting in overactive sebaceous gland activity.Overproduction of sebum causes the dead corneocytes (scale) to remain adherant instead of undergoing normal desquamation. Furthermore, the increase in frequency of seborrheic dermatitis during infancy and adolescence supports a hormonal influence on the condition .

Malassezia spp. yeasts may contribute to eruption.

LCH ( Langerhans cell histiocytosis ) may present with seborrheic dermatitis who generally fail to respond to topical treatment .

Tratment is not alawys necessary , scales can be removed with mineral oil and soft toothbrash.

If eruption is bothersome it can be managed with antifungal shampoo or cream.

Sometimes low potency topical steroid may be needed.

Aplication of olive oil may potentially worsen the condition. Avoid use of olive oil.

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